Cyber security and IT Audit


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What cooperation with us will bring you:

  • We are a long-standing player in the IT market in several countries specializing in IT security.
  • We have experience with the implementation of several projects in the field of cyber security.
  • We cooperate with several suppliers in the field of the latest technologies.

Traditional and preventive solutions:

  • Set up and control the security of networks and Internet connections and end devices
  • Access and user identity management
  • Implementation of security policies
  • Password management
  • Network traffic control and blocking of suspicious content
  • Introduction of 2FA
  • Terminal encryption
  • Data management:
    • data leakage protection
    • application protection

Advanced level of protection:

  • Security monitoring:
    • IT infrastructure monitoring
    • identification of security threats and risks
    • continuity management and disaster recovery
  • Information security consulting services
    • user behavior analysis
    • security supervision
    • help with setting IT standards
    • assistance with the introduction of ISO or other certificates


How you can benefit from cooperation with us:

  • Inspection of IT by certified technicians with long-term experience.
  • Comparison with “Best Practices”.
  • Complexity – checkup of a complete infrastructure and all equipment.
  • Presentation of results and proposal for improvement.

IT Audit:

  • Computer situation checkup (hw, sw, licenses, security setup, antivirus, firewall, upgrading,…).
  • Server situation checkup (hw, sw, licenses, security, configuration, backup, setup of authorizations and users, existence of the disaster recovery plan, …).
  • Network situation/server room checkup (network security, Wi-Fi, suitable equipment, stability, signal intensity, network elements, server room situation, cabling, UPS, network map, …).
  • Work with IT checkup (data localization, internal regulations/procedures for working with IT and company data, users´ basic security habits, passwords, users´ logging off, …).

IT security audit:

  • Current security situation analysis – defined by a client or legislation.
  • Identification of possible risks and check-up of quality and effectivity of introduced measures.
  • Detailed list of findings and assessment and classification of potential risks.
  • Proposing a higher level of information security.

Peter Hrehovčík

tel: +420 608 500 086
Selected references

We have been working with Hurican for several years and they have been doing a great job in the field of PC safety and management. At the same time, they are also in charge of the server part in Slovakia. In the case of a solution or introduction of new technology, cooperation is at an excellent level.

Luboš Havlíček


We have been cooperating with Hurican for 5 years. During that period, the company proved to be a real professional in server administration and HW in general. After moving to a new building, we have been using a network infrastructure implemented and tailored to our needs by Hurican. We are also satisfied with their operative support on which we can rely.

Zdeněk Košárek

IT & Data Processing Manager

We have been using Hurican´s services for several years. We are satisfied with their work. The company´s technicians are professionals, they respond promptly to our needs, moreover, they come with proposals for improvement by themselves. We will gladly cooperate with Hurican in the coming years.

Mgr. Eduard Kolárik


We have been using Hurican´s services for several years. Their services are qualified, fast. They respond to our possible problems promptly and with patience.

RNDr. Zdeňka Halaxová

patent director

Hurican provides us with IT management for our restaurants and headquarters in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. After the initial audit, they proposed a solution that meets our needs. Our branches need fast response times to deal with requests – Hurican can do this and we know we can rely on them in any situation. With a clear conscience we can recommend it to all those interested.

Ivan Žídek


Information technologies are nowadays inseparable part of our lives – it is absolutely unimaginable to provide for a company´s effective functioning without them. On the other hand, for a layman in this area, communication with PC may make an impression of a comedy which, unsurprisingly, does not end with laughter. Therefore, we have entrusted IT care and administration to professionals. Thank you, Hurican, we are satisfied with your services and trust you.

Miriam Srdosova

Financial Controller